5 Best Social Media Platforms to Drive Website Traffic

5 Best Social Media Platforms to Drive Website Traffic

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Social Media Marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic to your website or attention through social networking sites. It makes use of inbound strategies for attracting visitors and making it easy for consumers to find you via certain keywords.

A good profile on social media can help you to drive a good amount of traffic to your website. In this article, we take a look at some of the Best social media platforms to drive website traffic and to enhance your SEO performance.

Importance of Social Media in SEO

Before we proceed forward to look at the best social media platforms, it is important to understand how social media helps to boost SEO. Here are some of the reasons why you should stay active on it.


When you publish a link on social media platforms, Backlinks will be produced, these are the external links that are inbound to your website and created as a redirect to the site. Inbound linking is important factor and helps in boosting SEO. Great content, images, videos, you can share it across social media and increase your followers. The more clicks you get on these backlinks, the higher will be your page ranking in search engines.

Increase traffic to your website:

Social media offers the opportunity to connect with a very large audience. And if your followers like, share, or comment on your content and all of their friends see it. If they like your brand and the links that you share, they will visit your website more often. The more visits you get to your site, the greater will be your ranking in SERP.

Increase influence:

The more likes, shares, comments, and followers that you have on social sites profile, the more people will click through to your website. Having high engagement on your profile presents you as an influencer in your industry.

Let’s now see the top 5 social media sites for SEO

1. YouTube

YouTube Statistics

Did you know that YouTube has more than 2 billion monthly active users? That is 1/3 of everyone on the internet. A lot of attention all on one platform! Video is one of the great effective ways to attract people to your service. If you don’t have your own channel, it is advised to start thinking about creating them because it’s a great platform to attract people towards your brand.

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet behind its owner Google. Google-owned YouTube, so when it comes to pushing out the video for your business, service, or website, they have the same mindset with SEO: Quality over quantity. Be creative, strategic with your titles and descriptions.

2. Twitter

Twitter Statistics

Twitter is another great social media platform for SEO. With over 330 million people actively use Twitter. It’s one of the favorites for most B2B professionals as it is the most versatile platform where people can do everything, right from sharing their opinions on things reaching out to the target audiences.

In order to build an audience and get more visitors on your website, use the correct hashtags. Be strategic with your hashtags and tweet on a regular basis. Draw your viewers in with great content and images or infographics and then lead them to new blogs, products, and special offers.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest Statistics

There are over 320 MILLIONS of people around the globe using Pinterest daily and ready to see your amazing products and offers. It is a great visual place, where you can get yourself found, shared, and your products can be sold.

Pinterest is a very valuable tool to drive traffic to your website and to increase the audience, ramp up your rankings, and stimulate sales. People find your pins by searching, which generates leads to websites, hence increasing the traffic.

4. Facebook

Facebook Statistics

Facebook is one of the best and biggest social media platforms in the world. There are a large number of users who use Facebook on a daily basis. According to the statistics, 2.41 billion monthly active users use Facebook.

Understand who is your target audience. Attract them with unique image/video content. These days images and videos are more dominant in FB. Be attentive to your company page. Facebook is a great lead generator platform, so always stay on brand and use targeted keywords in your posts.


5. Instagram

Instagram Statistics

Another excellent visual website is Instagram, if your products present really well in the visual arena, this is a perfect place to showcase them. The beauty and fashion industries are very successful in this.  Most of the engaged users on Instagram are between the teenage years and 30s. If your demographic is a little older than that, this might not be the best for your business.

Always place a link in the bio that goes back to your website to highlight particular products and special events. This will help your rankings factor. And remember to work on hashtags.


Social media is not supposed to replace SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but they can both work together in harmony by supporting each other’s methods of getting audiences. When you are developing a comprehensive strategy for social media, it is essential to have SEO in mind when creating content for your tweets and posts.

Utilize the power of these 5 best social media platforms to drive website traffic and to boost your SEO ranking. I just want to remind one think that it’s not about being on every social media platform. It’s really about finding out on which platforms your audience are there and engaging with them.

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